Monday, June 20, 2011

The Glades: Lost and Found

Another great episode from The Glades. This one ushers in the new dynamic between Jim and Callie as crime solving partners. A dynamic i was a little worried about at first, but think they played it right and it works. I was fearful they were going to make her a crime solving deity and Jim was going to get dumb overnight but it wasn't like that at all. Jim was still the crime solver, Callie was still the empathic nurse. Which is exactly what i wanted, heres to hoping they don't screw it up anytime soon. -AiO


  1. never heard of that show before. i watched a trailer and it looks interesting.

  2. Yet another show that I haven't heard of. Guessing it's because it's not big over here in England yet. Will keep an eye out for it though.