Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Covert Affairs: Good Advices

So yeah i fell asleep a little more than half way in, but it wasn't the shows fault i was just damn tired. Woke up late, had just enough time to re-watch it all the way through before work.

I rather enjoyed this episode, Auggie gets left in charge and has to make some hard decisions. Annie has a birthday and goes to Paris. Joan gets Jury duty, which she then uses her Job to get out of when she finds out that its going to be 3+ weeks damn! Was hoping for more Auggie in charge. All in all good episode.

P.S. I dislike how naive Annie is still, but its also one of the best things about her. So even though i cringe every-time she gets played i don't think the show would be as good if she didn't. -AiO


  1. Glad you got to finish it before work, after all that is more important.